Where’s this from, television fans?

“I could be home right now, drinking sake and watching Jeopardy!”

But that’s not where I want to be. I realize now that I may have given off a few misconceptions about myself. I will admit I am more alone in this country than I’d like, but I’m still happy. Moreover, I’m getting to be more and more comfortable about living here – catching the train to Tenjingawa to see a movie, walking to Gyukaku for some quality yakiniku, enjoying the nightlife in Hiroshima (well, until recent events), making my own schedule for excursions on the weekends. It’s all good.

In addition, I’ve come to realize that I’m living a cheaper lifestyle here than I did back in America. I can’t vouch for Tokyo, but Japan is cheap enough if you want it too be. ¥100 stores, trains that will take you across the country for a few thousand Yen, foods discounted during the late hours… it’s not as expensive as people think. Of course there are exceptions to every rule – movies are pricey, bills do add up, and any kind of expense associated with leisure or vacation can be quite costly.

The weather is finally getting cold. A chance to wear my leather jacket at last. A trip to Shimonoseki is in the works to finally try the coveted Japanese blowfish, fugu. In fact, it’s rather bland, but you’re supposed to eat it for the thrill, the risk of being poisoned. Oh well. When in Honshu.

The United States has topped the 300 million mark. Wow. I know a steady population growth is good for industry, but isn’t a small population the antidote to most problems? Fewer people, more resources, less stress…

Listen to more of my splendiferous escapades tomorrow. Good night.