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Eye of the Tiger

Original Creed

Watashi wa gaikokujinnoyouni hanasemas,
shikashi Kenyajinnoyouni hashirimas
I speak like a foreigner, but I run like a Kenyan

What should I find waiting in my mailbox today? Nothing other than the Hiroshima Peace Marathon confirmation forms. I did it. I have successfully gone through the Japanese bureaucratic process to sign up for a race. Look for me out there. I will always offer you “gambatte”. Maybe not if you’re wearing a costume, though… Let’s face it, I’m scary enough as a foreigner. If they celebrated Halloween in Japan all the candy would be ours.

Peace Marathon Contact Information

Chugoku Shimbum, 7-1 Dobashi-cho
Naka-ku, Hiroshima, 730-0854
TEL: 082-234-4679 (English)

– Remember: 12:00 start time for the 5k, 12:20 for the 10k on November 3rd, a national holiday.
– It is too late to register. Race day registration is not allowed. Run it bandit if you want.
– For spectators: hold up a sign saying “Chuck Norris wouldn’t stop” during the final leg. It worked wonders for me in the Boston Marathon.

My Expert Village Marathon Training videos are now online. I know, I make some really obvious comments and some bad generalizations, but I do know what I’m talking about. God I sound like I’m at one of those post-game football interviews: “gotta give 110%, I want to thank God, it was hard out there, but hard is good…” Heh.

My solution to the muscle mass problem. Naturally, I was looking for a replacement to Smoothie King or some store that could offer cheap, healthy, protein and vitamin-packed drinks. As such, no store like that exists. But there are some products from Weider that offer the same type of supplements – protein, multivitamins, etc. Cheap, and available from almost all stores.

The weather is cool, sunny, and breezy. The humidity is dead. The spiders are still very much alive. Help me help you, but only as far as reading an online blog goes… ima hashirite!