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An Alternative Golden Week

Golden Week is one of the three national holiday weeks in Japan; this year it will fall between April 29th and May 5th. This is peak travel time for the Japanese people, so be sure to plan accordingly. If you’re looking for an adventure…

Yamaguchi 100 Hagi-O-Kan Maraniac

Think of it as the Japanese equivalent of an ultramarathon – any distance over 42.195 km. Although this course is barely a quarter of the 88 temple pilgrimage in Shikoku, the time limit makes it a much more strenuous journey.

Distance: 250 km
Start: May 2nd, 6:00 PM
Entry fee: ¥30,000

Distance: 140 km
Start: May 3rd, 6:00 PM
Entry fee: ¥14,000

Distance: 70 km
Start: May 4th, 6:00 AM
Entry fee: ¥9,000

Distance: 35 km
Start: May 4th, 6:00 AM
Entry fee: ¥5,000

Online registration – deadline is March 30th

Official website in Japanese complete with maps, traveling details, and photos

Map of the starting point, in Yamaguchi City

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