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Heart of the Matter

…highly intelligent and creative, he has committed his life to a system that rewards only obedience; a place where seniority is everything and innovation is not only frowned upon but penalized. How does he manage to survive?

"If you want to live in Japan for a long time, then you must be reborn. You must forget everything you know and everything you believe in, and start over. You must value age and experience over book learning. You must do as you’re told and blank your mind to any other thoughts. You cannot feel resentment against the system, not even for a single moment. You cannot demand fairness or equality, or even hope for it. You must learn to believe in a society that is based on hierarchy. It is a completely different way of thinking, of living, of being. If you do not accept it utterly, into your soul, then you will not survive."

– A Year in Search of Wa, Karin Muller