Sakura2007 1

Cherry Blossom Season 2007

UPDATE: the Japan Meteorological Agency made a mistake. Look here for the correct prediction dates.

And the results are in…

Direct from the Japan Meteorological Agency, the sakura (cherry blossom) season in Japan will be as follows:

Tokyo ~ March 18th
Northern Shikoku ~ March 20th
Nagoya ~ March 20th
Hakata, Fukuoka ~ March 20th
Central Kyushu ~ March 25th
Hiroshima ~ March 25th
Osaka ~ March 25th
Kyoto, Nara ~ March 28th
Western Honshu ~ March 31st
Northern Japan ~ April 5th

Please note that I believe these are the dates for the blossoming period, not the full bloom – for the most spectacular cherry blossom sights, visit them one week after these dates.

Best viewing times

Tokyo ~ March 25th
Northern Shikoku ~ March 27th
Nagoya ~ March 27th
Hakata, Fukuoka ~ March 27th
Central Kyushu ~ April 1st
Hiroshima ~ April 1st
Osaka ~ April 1st
Kyoto, Nara ~ April 4th
Western Honshu ~ April 7th
Northern Japan ~ April 12th