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Doko ni ikimas ka?

My eikaiwa contract gives out on May 24th, and my work visa expires soon after that. Where to go, what to do… For many foreigners coming here on one-year work visas, the facts remain:

1. If you want to stay in Japan, you need to find a visa sponsor or go through the necessary paperwork to sponsor yourself

2. If you do relocate or apply to have your visa extended, you must update your gaiijn card (Gaikokujin Torokusho, 外国人登録証) with a local government office (despite the expiration date, you’re changing your status). Let us not forget the tales of those who forget to carry their gaijin cards

What to do if you are asked for your gaijin card

Right now, I may have one offer coming in from a rural area of Hokkaido, about two hours from Sapporo by train, and another from a company in Kagoshima (southernmost city in Kyushu). Neither of these positions involves teaching English. Why? Well, for one, I’m trying to get away from the deceitful environment in certain eikaiwas. Two, I want to be in a more conducive environment to learn Japanese. If I had been in a bilingual workplace this year, I guarantee my Nihongo would be above JLP 3 by now.