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In the News

Finishing the Samurai parade on Miyajima last week, I was treated to a sip of sake and an interview with the Sankei Shimbun. For those of you still learning the Nihongo: “shimbun”, 新聞, is newspaper. This was printed in their March 22nd, 2007 issue:


Very loosely translated, we find:

“In attendance was an American English language school lecturer, Turner Wright (age 24), who felt very excited: ‘Wearing the armor made me feel very powerful, very strong.'”

My thanks to Rikai for help with the translation – a great website for looking up the definition to Kanji, if you happen to have the digital text. I realize that my translation wasn’t perfect, but it’s closer to my original interview.

Get Hiroshima should be posting their own interview about me in their people section relatively soon. Will keep everyone posted.