Sakura2007 2

Sakura Glitch

Apparently the Japan Meteorological Agency made an error (誤) in calculating the opening dates for the cherry blossoms. The correct (正) dates should be:

Opening Dates

Shizuoka ~ March 19th
Tokyo ~ March 21st
Matsuyama ~ March 23rd
Kumamoto ~ March 25th
Fukuoka, Hakata ~ March 25th
Takamatsu ~ March 26th
Hiroshima ~ March 31st
Osaka ~ March 31st
Kyoto ~ March 31st
Nara ~ March 31st

Approximate Full Bloom Dates

Shizuoka ~ March 26th
Tokyo ~ March 28th
Matsuyama ~ March 30th
Kumamoto ~ April 1st
Fukuoka, Hakata ~ April 1st
Takamatsu ~ April 2nd
Hiroshima ~ April 7th
Osaka ~ April 7th
Kyoto ~ April 7th
Nara ~ April 7th


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