The Last Samurai Tour in Kyushu

You’ve all seen the movie I’m sure (nothing to do with this), but who was Saigō Takamori (西郷 隆盛)? What influence did he have on the Meiji Restoration period? Was he truly the last samurai in Japanese history, embodying bushido and the traditional values of 日本?

As I’d like to use my experience in Japan to show others this wondrous land, I am offering a tour in my area. Join me as I show you around the hometown of Saigō Takamori in beautiful Kagoshima and explain the history of his rise, rebellion, and eventual suicide at Shiroyama. If desired, we can also tour Kumamoto Castle, once besieged by Saigo and his followers, and Amami Oshima, where Saigo was briefly exiled.

Come experience a side of Japan most tourists rarely see; Kyushu is rich in natural hot springs, history, and small towns having a unique culture. Contact me for details.