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Closer than Vegas

There’s been a lot of activity in Macau recently with the opening of the world’s largest casino (2.4 billion dollars, 3000 rooms) in what was once a mere stopover for international travel and business.

Now, with gambling more accessible to the Chinese and Japanese populations in a Vegas-like atmosphere, we may start to see more direct flights available from Kyushu in the near future to this luxurious getaway. Presently, there are nonstop flights from Tokyo and Osaka (as to be expected from huge international hubs), but there was once a charter from Nagasaki discontinued in 2001; clearly Macau sees the potential of Japanese businessmen taking weekend excursions.

Considering the distance involved and the recent opening of the casino, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to assume a weekly Fukuoka<->Macau flight will be established in the next year or so. Set some money aside for Golden Week just in case.

Incidentally, Macau also has a direct flight to one of the most expensive and beautiful places on earth – the Maldives islands in the Indian Ocean. Apparently the fanciest touristy places on Earth really like to shuttle millionaires from one to the next; can’t say I blame them.