Picking up the Slack

With some 4,000-odd foreigners currently looking for ways out and around the mess NOVA has created, the jackals are starting to swarm…

EF English First, also on Tokyo Craigslist

An Open Letter to Nova Teachers:

We at EF English First have been following the Nova situation closely. For those of you who want to continue teaching and would like to stay in Asia, we would like to present you a potential alternative by coming to work in China.

EF English First is the world’s largest private language educational company. Founded in 1965, we specialize in English education and operate in fifty countries around the world. Over the last several years, we have been growing very quickly in the Chinese market. Today, we have close to 100 schools and are opening a new school every week. Last year, we were named the official language school of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

We are looking for up to 1000 qualified teachers and academic leaders to help China talk to the world in preparation for the Olympic Games. It is an exciting time to be in the world’s fastest growing economy, and in this global age having both Japan and China experience will set you apart from the crowd.

Understanding your situation, we have put together the following special Nova teacher package:

Prepaid international flights
EF will book and pay for your international flight to China, as well as an international ticket home at the end of your contract.

Free temporary accommodation
You will be put up for up to two weeks – free of cost to you—in an international standard hotel upon your arrival to China. During your transition period, EF and our network of real estate agents will help you find appropriate accommodation.

Loan for start-up expenses
We have prepared a sufficient loan to help relieve you of any upfront expenses during your first few weeks in China.

Induction program
Our comprehensive two-week induction program includes a welcome package, airport pick-up, city orientation and specialized training courses.

In addition, we have a full and competitive salary and benefits package.

This week, we will hold informational seminars at our EF Tokyo Center. This will be an opportunity to learn about our organization and the next steps to apply. Feel free to call contact us at or call +86 21 6133 6045 to learn more.

Best Wishes,
EF English First Recruitment Team

At first glance, this seems like nothing more than a thinly-veiled attempt to draw in desperate jobseekers looking for a way out of a less-than-desirable situation in a foreign country by offering a “grand” experience in another ESL education environment; ambulance-chasing mentality, if you will. On second glance, that’s exactly what it is.

In additional to the cockroaches, there are also rumors than AEON and GEOS teachers are being fired mid-contract to bring unemployed NOVA employees on board at reduced salaries. Any firsthand knowledge of this?

For more results, be sure to visit the Facebook group NOVA Group of Japan for job opportunities, discount airfares, and offers of assistance from teachers in slightly better situations.

We received the following information from HIS, the travel agents, for British instructors or those returning home to Britain.

HIS is doing a special flight for NOVA instructors wishing to return home. The flight costs 440.00 GBR (inc tax) and is an Asiana flight via Seoul. They depart Osaka and Tokyo 4 times a week on Tues, Thurs, Sat, and Sun. There is an excess luggage allowance of an extra 15 kilos, which can be made at the time of booking.

The flight can NOT be booked as normal through HIS offices in Japan. They are being offered exclusively through the London office of HIS. They must be booked and paid for in the UK. Instructors can book from Japan via email to or by phone on +44 20-7484-3328. Japanese offices of HIS will not be aware of the offer.

If instructors are short of money HIS will accept payment from parents or family members on their behalf in the UK. Tell HIS at time of booking and parents can call either Ian or Ed in London on +44 20-7484-3310 to arrange payment. Payment by Debit or Switch cards is at no extra cost, paying by credit card will incur an extra 2% charge.

If instructors have any questions they can talk to Ian or Ed at the number above or to Angie Lockwood in the London office at +44 20-7734-2727.

East Asia Personnel Quality Control Group
NOVA Corporation

Let’s is continuing to monitor the situation with teachers and Nozomu Sahashi, Japan Probe probably remains the foremost authority with up to date information, and Trans-Pacific Radio‘s Ken Worsley is keeping good track of the numbers over at Japan Economy News & Blog