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Why Were We Chosen?

Another interesting pickup from Debito makes me wonder just what criteria Tokyo Marathon officials used to select from the vast number of entrants.

Although I’ve seen being foreign as an advantage when applying for sporting events – trying to make them more “international” – I certainly hope there’s not a trend in Japan (or anywhere for that matter) to exclude gifted athletes who might overtake the native competition.

“Let’s be fair, let Japanese win our sports events” may be better phrased as “Let’s be fair; let’s let the Kenyans run their races as they see fit and all runners can compete equally.” Despite Kenyans’ and Ethiopians’ natural abilities in long distance running, I have seen Americans and Europeans overtake them: this is not a matter of race or nationality, but strictly talent.

I don’t care who you are, where you were born, or what you do… someone out there is better than you. Deal with it, don’t lower the standards and, consequently, lessen the value of healthy competition.