A Good Start

Re-Entry Japan has just uploaded a tract which can be presented to immigration authorities upon being asked for fingerprints. This is a good start in response to my call to arms back in August, but I wish it would include information on the previous fingerprinting system, and why it was abolished.

However, there are some useful suggestions on distribution:

• Pass a copy together with your passport at the gate. The staff will probably give it back to you and it’s OK. There are still ways to reuse it before leaving the port of entry.
• When coming back in family discuss together before arrival and decide on the opportunity that each member slip a copy with his/her own passport.
• Print several copies before boarding the plane or ship back to Japan and neatly put a stack of copies at the counters before after passport control where Japanese nationals may stop to fill import tax or other paper.
• Before leaving the airport, visit the washrooms and neatly paste a copy inside the door using easy to scrap tape. Making things cleanly is important.
• If you leave the airport by limousine bus or train, why not stash a copy inside the onboard magazine.