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Who’s Honoring Me

…my works, anyway. More than a year after my trip across the Shimanami Kaido bridges in Honshu, I was contacted by a man representing the estate of the late William Brown, an internationally-recognized engineer known for his work on bridge designs.

I have seen your shot of the Tatara Bridge on Flickr.

I used to work for an engineer, William Brown, who designed
many bridges (Forth, Severn, Humber, Bosporus), but who died
last year. I am producing a website to celebrate his life
and achievements for his wife and family. I would like to
include this shot in a presentation of 50 world bridges. I
will give you a named reference/copyright statement. I am
unable to offer any fee. Please state your name for the

The site will be a legacy to him and I hope linked to the
UK’s Royal Society of Arts and the Institute of Civil

True to his word, my photo (shown above) is now online at http://www.b2.co.uk/; just click “World Bridges” and then “Tatara”.