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Best of KPIJ

Some of what I consider the best entries in terms of writing and substance from this past year on Keeping Pace in Japan. Will report on Narita fingerprinting when I return on Thursday.

Talking with a Naked Yakuza – my experience in one of Beppu’s finest onsen, and an exercise in humility.

Not entirely sure this is legal – the discovery of a racially discriminating sign at a club in Hiroshima.

Safety in Japan – pretty self-explanatory.

Ikkoku Mairi – hiking through the mountains of Shikoku following in the footsteps of Buddhist monks.

Quarter of a Century Gone by – short, but sweet; my birthday in Japan compared with that a year prior in the states.

The Truth About AEON – a seven-part series covering all aspects of this major eikaiwa.

Call to Arms – taking action against fingerprinting.

More than Sulfur, a Peaceful Getaway – my first excursion to one of the smaller islands south of Kyushu, Ioujima.

Nibble Nibble – a most unusual onsen featuring flesh-eating fish.

Nakanoshima: Listening to Moonlight – adventures on one of the smaller islands in the Tokara chain, featuring wild horses, an observatory, and great hot springs.
Running in Fear – news spoof article about gaijin card checks and the Tokyo Marathon.

Adoption in Japan – spending Christmas with some children at an orphanage.