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A Slow Recovery

Number of broken wrists: 1

Number of x-rays: 2

Number of catches: 22

I’m still rather concerned about making a full recovery and avoiding malunion, but in the meantime, let the new experiences overwhelm me.

– I can learn to be partially ambidextrous as I start relying on my left hand

– I can slow down as I avoid excessive exercise and start reading and writing (well, typing) more often

– I actually look like the pathetic foreigner who can’t use chopsticks as I use my other hand, but it’s easier than a knife and fork

– I’m working on my one-armed pushups while I still have my strength; great solution to those with only three limbs

– I have a story. More random people approach me as I walk around with a gleaming cast and want to know what happened. Maybe this can be used to get dates…

Although I will not be racing in the Tokyo Marathon, I will fly out there and walk all 42.195 kilometers (unless it’s pouring rain). In addition, I’m sending in my deposit for the 2010 Antarctica Marathon. I will endure even if I have to have this thing sawed off.

I’m still making travel plans. After researching some popular hot springs, I’ve come across one near Fuji-san that supposedly is beneficial in healing fractures…

Shimobe Onsen, Shimobe Town

Historically, Shimobe hot spring offered relief to Takeda Shingen for his shoulder that was injured by Uesugi Kenshin in the Battle of Kawanakajima. The lukewarm water of this hot spring is said to have healing effects on fractures and bruises. Previously known as Shimobe Town, it merged with other smaller towns in September, 2004, to to join Minobe. Onsen Contents: pure hot spring, 27C-34C.