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Whips and Scorns

Steve Prefontaine was 24 years, 4 months, and 5 days old when he passed. He still holds the record for the fastest 5000 meter at the high school level. His name is revered. His legacy undisputed.

The world record for the mile stands at 3:43.13, the marathon 2:04:26.

I freely admit – and I know this will let some of you down – I am not an olympic runner. I can break a five-minute mile, sure, but four minutes? Or do it over 26.2 miles? I think not. Even if one were so inclined to do so, I don’t think I’d like being a living skeleton.

Turning off the furnace. My metabolism in the wake of my injury is slowing down, not ready to accept the usual steady flow of carbs like fuel to the fire. Nothing burns now, or even flickers.

I know injuries are part of performance. Some more severe than others. It’s a fact of life, and it sucks. But, this isn’t permanent. My body will heal. My mind will become anew at the experience. It’s hardly the first time a runner has been cut down:

The main reason I bring this up isn’t to refresh the point or keep the story alive… I will have to go into surgery next week, as the bone isn’t healing on its own. A metal plate will be installed, perhaps removed at a later date. I now see the doctors were holding out hope that the fracture will repair itself on closed reduction alone, but it was just too severe.

And so, I say goodbye to the ranks of humanity as I become part-robotic, a freak of nature, an annoyance at airport metal detectors, and join the ranks of the Wriststrong Nation:

Just finished:Once A Runner, John L. Parker
Working on:Looking for the Lost, Alan Booth