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The Blue-Eyed Salaryman

…He thinks we will get a few partners, maybe a few big companies with lots of potential with lots of potential, certainly more potential than that little Finnish outfit with the funny name – what was it called?

– Nokia.

…Soon we have group of foreign companies and universities who want to join our project – IBM France, Cambridge University, the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart, and some Finnish, Swiss and North American companies. We didn’t get Siemens and Philips after all, and we just didn’t click with that Finnish outfit, Nokia, who think they’ll succeed in the communications business. Fat chance they’ll have against the big boys like us in Mitsubishi.

…you have been in Japan for a long time. Perhaps you forget your English.

Somehow I resisted the urge to clobber him with the biggest Oxford English Dictionary I could find.

The Blue-Eyed Salaryman, Niall Murtagh

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