You Know You’ve Been in Kyushu too Long When…

…you forget there are such things as Nozomi super express trains

…your schedule includes a 3 AM visit to Hakata for some fresh yatai ramen

…you travel to a sento in Tokyo and think, “how can they keep the water this cold?”

…a five-kilo daikon looks on the small side

…you wonder what that white powdery stuff is that tends to make a rare appearance in January

…you can actually understand Kagoshima-ben

…you travel more by car and bus than by train

…you’ve had to avoid hitting a macaque with your bike

…the only Mt. Fuji you’re aware of is Satsuma Fuji

…you have space to move around in your home

…taking a ship to a small island getaway is a day trip

…everyone you talk to in eastern Honshu wants to trade places with you

…you witness an outdoor Japanese wedding ceremony

…you can’t eat anything without first garnishing it with Satsuma Imo

…you think nothing of it when a taxi driver rounds the fare down

You Know You’ve Been in Hokkaido too Long When…