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Helping You Get To Japan

After a successful attempt with this in Austin, Texas, I would like to offer my services to the international (ergo, online) community.

The AEON Corporation will soon be conducting a series of interviews across the United States, recruiting young Americans to come to Japan and teach English. Although I do highly recommend you do your own research on this from start to finish, I would be willing to assist you through the interview process in exchange for some kind of compensation, entirely dependent on the results – you don’t get the job, you don’t pay a cent.

Feel free to browse my Truth About AEON blogs as a testament to my experience. Granted, some of the information is dated (insurance, for one), but the contracts and the working environment are still basically the same and a mystery to those starting out in their abroad experience.

Need help deciding if you should apply to AEON? What should you do for the group interview? How will you prepare for the 1-on-1 interview? Email me and we’ll discuss it. Cheers.