Returning Japanese

From Crackle: dangoldjap

I had been looking for this video for some time – a crazy mix of Texas and Japanese culture. Let’s explore some of the themes here that Hank and Junichiro are able to show us. If some of you are unfamiliar, King of The Hill is a cartoon comedy set in Arlen, Texas.

The Gaijin Smash – when a foreigner is faced with some of the more common tenets of Japanese bureaucracy, he or she often feels like there is no other choice but to suddenly and forcibly exert his or her culture on the situation: Gaijin Smash!. Effective, but not exactly cordial.

The Effectiveness of "The Japanese Way" – "Excuse the interruption, but we are looking for a man with no shins. Please favor me with your help." Indeed.

The Impressed Foreigner – Beer in the vending machines, the speed of the shinkansen: "Can’t this thing go any faster? (Reads 186 mph on the digital readout)… huh!", not opening the screen door to the main room… classic

Japanese Girls – even considering the age of the one girl interested in Bobby, I’ve seen others in their 20’s use the same approach. One word: "dansu!", followed by giggling at your foreign mannerisms and appearance. It’s all too common.

Thoughts on Texas – "…running around like crazy cowboy? This not Texas, shoot off guns, pow-pow-pow, Rambo, John Wayne." Nowadays, we’ll hear "Bush!" as well.

Please favor me with your opinions.