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50,000 Visits

I started Keeping Pace in Japan less than three years ago to chronicle my Japan experiences as an expatriate, and a runner. What began as a simple black background white font blog has become a source of vital information for those seeking to teach English abroad. Every week I usually get one or two emails requesting help with an AEON interview or some other question regarding living in Asia.

I admit I wish I had more of an audience. ~20,000 visits/year is nothing spectacular, but I’m still proud of the numbers and fortunate to have made it this far. If there are any aspects of life in Japan or Asia that I haven’t addressed, send me an email and let me know. I would also hate to sound like a broken record (i.e. Debito and racial discrimination), so if you feel I linger too much on one particular issue, comment appropriately.

50,000 visits. Over 500 blog posts. No end in sight.