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Finally, Noteworthy News

I haven’t been blogging on the Japanese "swine flu epidemic" because… well, it’s stupid. Swine flu is only slightly more likely to kill you than the regular flu viruses, and it’s been over-hyped and used by the media far too often to solicit fear:

Thanks to Japan Probe

Nevertheless, there is international news in the vicinity of Japan, as North Korea follows up its second nuclear test with the firing of short-range missiles into the Sea of Japan

I’m up pretty early, so most of the blogging community hasn’t yet had the chance to comment. AMPONTAN is offering his informed rant, though.

I guess none of us should be surprised. North Korea knew it would be acting in defiance of the rest of the world with the first test, and their leadership went through with it anyway. This isn’t a bluff, a negotiation tactic, a bargaining chip. This is the real world; the DPRK wants the the ability to blow up the planet piece by piece, just like everybody else.