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Eclipse Ceremony on Akusekijima

If you’ve been monitoring my Tweets, you may have noticed I’ve been searching the Twittersphere (tell me I didn’t make that up) for information on the eclipse ceremony on Akusekijima (悪石島).

Akusekijima is one of the really small islands in the Tokara chain, south of Kagoshima city and easily reached by several hours on a ferry. I had the fortune of visiting Nakanoshima (中之島) two years ago, and remain transfixed on the culture of these small islands: Ioujima, Tanegashima, Yakushima, Amami Oshima

But this eclipse ceremony has been something I’ve always wanted to see, having lived in Kagoshima and constantly seeking escape on secluded islands.

This year will mark another anniversary of the ceremony, to be held on July 22nd (if you look at the eclipse animation, you’ll notice that Akusekijima lies dead center). It may be too late for accommodation, but see if they allow camping and book yourself a plane or ferry ticket ASAP. I’d venture to say you won’t find tribal dances with men in giant wooden masks and grass skirts anywhere else in the country.

Official website about the ceremony (日本語で)
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