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I’ve stumbled upon another Japanese blogs my readers might enjoy. This guy started blogging a few months after I had left Kagoshima, so I’m sorry to say I missed out on his first entries. Nevertheless, he now has a book out on his experiences in Japan and NYC. I’m about halfway through it but so far it speaks to me.

Loco in Yokohama

Ok, I lied. I just had to spread the word of this story about a Canadian resident of Japan who was detained, cheated, and deported once I read it. I wonder if I could have faced this situation when I volunteered in the Tohoku. Check it out.

“Do you see this gun?” he said in Japanese, turning around to show me a weapon in its holster. “I have the legal authority to use this if you refuse to get on that flight. Now are you going to buy that ticket?”

I was angry now. They are forcing me at gunpoint to buy an overpriced ticket.

I know, I haven’t updated in quite a while. I hesitate to say this blog may be dying. I can only promise I’ll post ideas as I get them. Currently in San Francisco eating sushi and looking for jobs.