Biggest Tech Companies

Japan is one of the world’s major economic powers, a country that has been a leader in innovation in many sectors, mainly in the field of new technologies or automotive. Let’s review five Japanese companies that are world leaders in their industry.

  1. Toyota

The Japanese brand is one of the world’s largest car manufacturers, actually the largest along with Volkswagen. The fact is that the company has always had symbolic models on the market, such as Celica or Supra, and others of its cars are among the best-selling in history, such as Toyota Corolla. Currently, the best times for Toyota are not blowing due to the devaluation of the yen, the strength of other Asian rivals such as Hyundai or KIA, and the problems with some of their models. Fortunately for the Japanese brand, one of its competitors on the European market, Volkswagen, is immersed in the scandal of polluting emissions. Also, he continues ahead of rivals like Mitsubishi, Honda, or Nissan.

  1. Nintendo

It may be that the video game consoles, desktop Nintendo are not the most sold today and that their supremacy in the world videoconsole has been threatened (and sometimes destroyed) constantly by rivals from the likes of SEGA, Sony or Microsoft. But the fact is that the Japanese company is always there over the years and has been able to maintain itself thanks to its primary standards, such as Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, or Mario Kart. Also, he saw that there was a lot to explore in the “casual” games, thanks to which Nintendo found its place in the market and survived the harsh attacks of Sony and Microsoft.

  1. Canyon

Canon is a company with almost 80 years of history and is characterized by being the world leader in optical products related to the capture and reproduction of images, for example, cameras, video, digital printers, and a long et cetera. Among his closest achievements in time is being the company that put on the market, the first full-frame sensor camera in 2002.

  1. Sony

It is a well-known Japanese company, not in vain, it is one of the most prominent manufacturers of consumer electronics worldwide. Sony was already an outstanding company that manufactured all kinds of devices: walkman, Discman, video cameras, photo cameras, videos, etc.but we would be lying if we did not say that the real shot of the nipa company also came from the hands of the video console, thanks to the PlayStation. The gray Sony sold over 100 million units and became a real mass phenomenon. After her, success has already been rolled.

  1. Komatsu Limited

It is a company that manufactures machinery and components for mining. Its foundation dates from 1917 and is currently the largest company in the world in the sector, along with the American Caterpillar. It has around 15 billion euros a year and has about 35,000 workers. Has the honor of manufacturing the Bulldozer most giant in the world, the D575, a beast with 1.165 CV of power.

We cannot fail to mention other companies that may well have entered the list, such as KDDI (telecommunications), Bridgestone (tires), Toshiba (electronics) or dense (automotive suppliers).