Gambling Culture in Japan

There are not so many options to gamble in Japan. Unlike Western countries that do not have strict gambling laws, the Japanese Criminal Code has banned a lot of gambling. Casino gaming and casino tables games such as slots, roulette, blackjack are all banned by the criminal code of the country.

Poker and bingo are other popular betting options that are prohibited by the law in Japan. Fantasy betting of any kind, such as payment to back a league or a form of portfolio selection over a period of time in relation to sport – this is also banned in the country.

The question to ask is why all these betting sports are and gambling banned in the country.

For a very long time, the private sector was not allowed to operate any gaming activity. Gaming activities operated by private businesses were only legalized when the Integrated Resort Promotion Law and IR Implementation Law was enacted in 2016.

It is these statutes that give private-sector legal backing to operate licensed casino businesses.

The reason for the prohibition of most betting sports is to curb the level of addiction of the Japanese people to gambling. Another reason is that the government does not view most sports betting of having any social benefit. Even till now, a Japanese citizen is only to bet 10 times in a month while foreigners are charged expensive entry tickets to reduce the chances of being addicted to gambling.

Gambling Options Allowed

Despite the restrictions on gambling in Japan, there are still options for you for gambling when in Japan. The criminal code allows for betting on public races such as horse racing, moto sports, boat races, and bicycle racing. These four public races and lotteries tickets issued by municipal bodies are your options for gambling in Japan.

The prize pool for gambling in Japan is quite huge. In fact, gambling in Japan has one of the most lucrative prizes anywhere in the world. The prize pool for gamblers of any of the four legal public races is about 75 to 80% of the total sales.

Online sports betting is also permitted in these four races. These races are operated and regulated by the Japanese government and some municipal bodies.

Japan Attends to Legalize Gambling

After years of debate in the Japanese parliament and within the public, casino gambling and casino games were eventually made legal by the government. The law has cleared the path for the establishment of three casinos that will be integrated with resorts. This gives private companies the chance to have the best casinos operating in Japan.

In Japan gambling has never been a popular thing – even now, some voters are still against the law legalizing casino gambling in Japan. The fear is that it will lead to addiction and could encourage organized crime.

Despite all these, there are still many Japanese people interested in gambling and betting. This is seen in the over $22 billion spent on horse racing in 2015 alone!

Grand casinos chains are now establishing land casinos in Japan that are made into integrated resorts. The view is that soon online casinos will be legalized too soon, even if it comes with some regulation from the government.

Sports betting on motorsports and horse racing are still the most popular forms of gambling in this country.

Despite these races where Japanese people can place their bets, they’re pretty enthusiastic about classic casino gaming. They’re partial to playing games from popular software developers, such as Microgaming or NetEnt.

We hope that the Japanese government will consider legalizing online gambling soon and provide a regulated and safe environment for players to enjoy. Those who’re tired of desperately waiting can check out the overview of the best Japanese sites and start betting right away. The provided link will offer a shortcut to some of top licensed horse racing and casino sites available to Japanese players.